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Decommissioning and Commissioning Services


Decommissioning and Commissioning Services

Full Service and Project Management

CMKR even lets you streamline the asset recovery process by assisting you in planning the details. Our experience lets us help with projects for small businesses and large companies alike, letting you start strong and save time. We'll go over the logistics with you, developing a plan to fit your individual needs regarding organization, transitory needs, uninstalling assets, hardware and software removal, and transportation.

Data center decommissioning usually always has sensitive information and requires an experienced team so that it ensures a thorough job and eliminates risks of accidents or damage. To be specific racks of servers and other equipment can be a delicate matter. It’s critical to take precautions to maintain balance between timelines and logistics. Equipment must be inventoried, and hardware must be removed and destroyed.

Communication and coordination between management, staff, equipment owners, and ITAD teams must be clear before the project’s can begin. At CMKR it is also crucial to us to have accurate information so that we can pass on a report of what is happening to you. When providing service to a large, high-end data center facility, these extra measures guarantee a job well done. At CMKR we make it easy to remove old hardware, give us a try!

Specialized Solutions

  • Precious Metal Recovery
  • Product Recall
  • Services to Recyclers
  • Waste Collectors
  • Municipal Recycling
  • Extended Producer Responsibility

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