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Data Destruction


Data Destruction

Security and data breaches are massive threats looming over the heads of practically every single business and individual. Exposed customer data can decimate a company's reputation and cost millions, and stolen information can destroy a company's standing amongst competitors. Despite this importance, secure data destruction doesn't have to be a hassle - or costly. CMK Recycling has solutions for both Hard Disk and Solid-State Drives: shredding, drilling, data wiping, and more at our secure, R2 certified facility.

In today’s age of technology there is a constant threat to data security. Protecting your company’s confidential data is one of the most important priorities businesses have. CMKR is here to assist you with making sure all of your retired hardware is safely disposed of.

When it comes to data security we take it very seriously at CMKR. Our mission is to take care of all of your eWaste needs safely and securely hassle free!

At CMKR we also secure sensitive data under lock and key before using military-grade technology to completely erase it. We're not all talk, either; we have industry's top certifications in responsible recycling, and provide you with certificates that verify proper asset disposal or data destruction.

When you’re dealing with employee and customer information, student records, and confidential information like social security numbers, date of birth records, and addresses you want to make sure the data on retired hardware gets wiped to keep that information secured. When dealing with sensitive information that needs to be destroyed CMKR will dispose of it with the proper equipment that satisfies federal, state, and local regulations.


  • Reduced costs of IT deployment and IT decommissioning
  • Save valuable time by working with a single trusted supplier
  • Minimize business disruption during complex IT projects and ensure project success
  • Value added asset recovery options such asset reuse, asset refurbishment, parts recovery or asset recycling.

Specialized Solutions

  • Precious Metal Recovery
  • Product Recall
  • Services to Recyclers
  • Waste Collectors
  • Municipal Recycling
  • Extended Producer Responsibility

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