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Asset Recovery Services



Full Service and Project Management

CMKR's asset recovery process is a time-tested system that puts the client in control. When such a critical service is needed, why not have it as easy as ordering delivery? Our on-site collection ensures that sensitive equipment and eyes-only gets removed by - and stays in - responsible hands. From there, we process your material in-house at our R2 certified facility for recovery and recycling, providing you with updates each step of the way as it goes through our IT Asset Disposition process designed to get you the most back from your old equipment.

CMKR offers you economical alternatives for safe and responsible disposal of unwanted and retired IT equipment/assets.

Our team dedicated to asset recovery, resale and disposal solutions provide customers with the financial benefits of selling existing computers without having to deal with the logistics or complexities of the second hand IT market. We will come onsite to remove your old hardware and assets, data destruction and on-site auditing on everything from workstations to Enterprise-class servers. We come to you every time so that there is no hassle on your part and we will take care of everything on site when we pick up your old hardware and assets.

Through the global network of remarketers, retail sales channels and resellers we work to obtain the highest possible value for your un-needed & surplus IT assets

Specialized Solutions

  • Precious Metal Recovery
  • Product Recall
  • Services to Recyclers
  • Waste Collectors
  • Municipal Recycling
  • Extended Producer Responsibility

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