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About CMK Recycling


We are the global leader in the secure, sustainable and responsible reuse and recycling of electronics and computers. Our environmentally sound processes and complete data destruction techniques ensure compliance with environmental and data security legislation.

Our Expertise

Bringing together skills-related support for your business.We've gathered a wealth of knowledge on the services, incentives and specialist help available to employers across world from our expert advisers and partners, including local authorities, colleges and business support organisations.

Specialized Solutions

  • Precious Metal Recovery
  • Product Recall
  • Services to Recyclers
  • Waste Collectors
  • Municipal Recycling
  • Extended Producer Responsibility

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At CMK Recycling we continually strive to do better and many of the enhancements we implement are developed from collaboration with our clients, feedback from their customers and the input of our staff. Give us a call with your queries at (346) 571-7896 or via our contact page.