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At CMK Recycling we continually strive to do better and many of the enhancements we implement are developed from collaboration with our clients, feedback from their customers and the input of our staff. Give us a call with your queries at (346) 571-7896 or via our contact page.

What we do Discover the Electronic Recycling World

Here at CMK Recycling, we believe in environmental responsibility. That’s why we started our electronics recycling program. With the solar energy boom, and the electronics explosion, there is a need for a way to recycle these materials once they have outlived its useful life. Disposing of these items in an environmentally compliant way is important.

We provide recycling for high volumes of solar energy panels and accessories, and IT equipment from businesses and schools. Our clients will receive fair market value for any of these items they recycle through our program. They can also feel better knowing that their items have been disposed of properly. We are compliant with the Environmental & Data Security regulations set forth by R2.

Upon request we can also provide our clients with a Certificate of Destruction / Recycling showing that their items were reclaimed, destroyed, and recycled by their properly licensed facilities is in accordance with applicable federal regulation 40 CFR.

Recyclables Our Most Recycled Items

We take pride in recycling! Below are some of our most recycled items. Take a look and see what we can help you recycle.

What Your Business Can Expect From CMK Recycling

Best Cash Return

We have a vast network of business relationships around the world that enable us to process materials that otherwise would be thrown away. Materials including the metals with batteries and electronics. We work hard to build these connections so our clients can have peace of mind knowing that we can offer them the best prices for their electronics and solar energy panels and accessories.

Exceptional Service

We have superior customer service. It’s a fact. We provide an easy way for you to recycle your electronics, and solar panels and accessories. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have about storage, packaging, and shipping. We want you to understand the whole process as much as possible. Our customer service team is friendly, and knowledgeable. They are happy to answer any of your inquiries.

Easy Convenience

We want to make the recycling process as easy as possible for our clients. That is why we offer different options when it comes to getting your recyclables to us. You can ship them directly to us, or we can pick them up at a convenient location. Just contact us and let us know how you would like to get your items t us and we can find a solution.

Environmentally Safe

We take pride in disposing of potentially hazardous materials responsibly. We provide seamless and environmentally safe options for recycling your solar panels and accessories, and electronics. We have a 100% landfill free safeguard. We believe in protecting the Earth by recycling your materials in a safe and environmentally friendly way. When you recycle with us, you can rest easy knowing that you have helped to protect the Earth and its resources.

WE BUY ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT Surplus IT Liquidation | Asset Management | Data Destruction


We have you covered Some of the Major Industries CMK Recycling Services

Below are some of the major industries we provide recycling services for.



Recycle your medical electronics and equipment in a safe and secure manner. Environmentally friendly.

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The recycling and reuse of used fuel is preferred over disposal. It also has great environmental advantages.

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Solar Energy

Recycle your solar panels and accessories in an environmentally safe way. Whether they are at end of useful life or not.

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Dispose of corporate IT in a safe and secure manner that will leave you feeling better about protecting the environment.

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